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Custom Draperies

Draperies are, of course, the most obvious and popular window covering. Drapes are available in an almost limitless number of options. We can create custom draperies in the exact colors, styles, and sizes that you require. 

Adding window coverings is an easy way to help a room looked more polished and add a touch of personal style. Because they are available in so many styles, from dramatic to understated and everything in between, they are the most popular type of window dressing.  In addition to being decorative, drapes have many practical purposes to consider.


  • Light blocking or filtering. Depending on the fabric used, drapes can block out all light, or just soften the light coming through the window.
  • Privacy. Of course, you can close your drapes to add more privacy, but you can also use sheer window coverings to add some privacy, while still letting in the light.
  • Insulation. Drapes can also be used to help keep your room comfortable. The right fabric can help to insulate and keep out the cold or heat during extreme weather.

Drapes Custom Made to Your Plans

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Why Choose Custom Drapes?

Choosing custom draperies is the best way to make sure your window coverings meet your specific needs. By having your curtains custom made, you can make sure all of your window coverings coordinate, even if you have windows of varied size. You also have complete control over the finished product, including:

  • Color Style and Weight of Fabric
  • Length and Width
  • Number of Panels
  • Style (box pleat, pinch pleat, eyelet, shear, etc)

When you purchase custom draperies from Nellie’s Custom Draperies, you are supporting a local business, all products are made right here at our Taylorsville location. Contact us today to discuss your project!