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Roman Shades

Both practical and stylish, roman shades provide privacy and light control while adding a timeless elegance to your windows.

There is a reason that roman shades remain a popular choice for window coverings year after year. They are adaptable to almost any style. Whether you are looking for something tailored and modern or something with a softer design – there is a style that will fit the bill.

Roman shades can also be made in many sizes and out of almost any type of fabric, from thick and sturdy light-blocking fabric to delicate sheer fabric.  Because they use less material than traditional draperies, they may also be a more cost-effective option for dressing your windows.

Classic Style Made Just for You

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Versatile and Easy to Use

Roman Shades have the benefit of being extremely versatile. Because they remain within the window frame, they are perfect for smaller spaces, where more voluminous window coverings may look cluttered. They are easy to operate, generally with a cord that you use to raise them, or let them down. They can be made for windows of virtually any size, and because when the blinds are raised, they are up and out of your way, it makes them an ideal alternative for glass sliding doors, rather than vertical blinds which can appear dated. 

See an example on a sliding glass door below and contact us today to get a quote!

Example of roman shades on sliding glass doors
Example of roman shades on sliding glass doors
Example of roman shades on sliding glass doors